Get Outdoors Every Day — Our 15 minutes outside for this week

As part of my goal of living in harmony with nature, I have been trying to spend some time outdoors every day.  I usually run outside in the very early morning four or five days a week, but there’s something really special about being outside in the sunshine during these lovely fall days.  Is it because they are too wonderful to last?  Anyway – here are my goals for outdoor time for the next week:

Monday:              Very busy day, but not too busy for a quick walk around a local pond.  Fall is a great time of year to spot migrating birds.  We often see Canadian geese, Sandhill cranes,  blue herons, and killdeer.  Occasionally we spot an osprey, kingfisher or tern.  We also watch for muskrat, frogs, and garter snakes.

Tuesday:              Walk to and from work (lucky me!) with kids walking to meet me both ways.  Not so much nature, but at least some sunshine.

Wednesday:      Another lunch escape to the park, this time with a picnic of Potato Kale Soup (recipe posted later), homemade sourdough bread, and fresh veggies.  We are going to a different park, too, just at the edge of the canyon.  Last time we were here, we played hide and seek on the hillside.  I hope we can make that happen again.

Thursday:         This will be the hard day, because I am gone for work from 7 a.m. until 6 p.m.  I will encourage the kids to play outside during the day — soccer practice in the back yard — and I will hope for a quick walk during lunch.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday:  Hiking and camping trip planned to the Canyonlands Island in the Sky district.  We hope to hike to Druid Arch.  It is eighteen miles round trip, so we will camp Friday night before we hike and Saturday night after we hike in the campground nearby.  Plenty of sunshine on these days!

The Grotto -- Payson Canyon

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