A Breakfast Date — Spending Time with the Kids You Love

I had a hot date this morning.  Maximus and I went out for breakfast at Guru’s.  We got all hyper eating Bananas Foster Pancakes.

We have a fairly recent tradition in our family.  Each month, Daddy and I each take one kid out for a special date.  That way, every other month is date month for each kid.  We try to do something not too expensive, but a special treat for just that one kid.  We’ve done sushi (my first time, too), a pirate play and a movie.  This month, we had the boys.   I like my dates to be in the morning, because I love to go out to breakfast.

After breakfast, we went to the library.  The library is a great date place because it is free, and no one in our family ever gets to spend enough undisturbed time at the library.  Last time we had a date there, I came home with 30 books.  Luckily the library doesn’t charge by the book.  (This is also the reason date night is never at Barnes and Noble.)

When the museum opened, we went to the Monte L. Bean Science Museum on the BYU campus.  Campus museums are cheap (read — free), quiet and best of all small.  Max had never seen taxidermy before, I guess.  He was really impressed.  We enjoyed all three floors in about an hour, and got lots of new ideas for school.

What I like best about having a date night with my kids is that I get to see them as individuals, and really listen to them without interruption.  They also get to know me better as an individual, I think, and hopefully that contributes to family unity.  I know it contributes to family happiness — everyone is excited for their turn.  It also limits begging, because we can always save up that treat for date night!

How do you find special time to be with your kids?  Leave me a comment.

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