Lunar Eclipse

In my e-mail yesterday, I received a curriculum offer for ideas for studying the lunar eclipse that was going to happen this morning.  I didn’t buy any curriculum, but I did put a reminder alarm in my phone to watch for the eclipse.  From about 6:20 until 7:00 this morning, we were glued to the window.  Eden got some good pictures.

What an exciting morning!  We congratulated each other on being early risers, and on being in the right location to see this very interesting event.

The article I had read at stated that at some places on the earth, the eclipsed moon and the sun would be visible at the same time, because the atmosphere of the earth bends the light from the sun, causing the sun to appear before it has actually cleared the horizon.  Therefore, although the earth is actually directly between the sun and the moon (thereby eclipsing the moon), both would be visible at the same time.  Unfortunately, the eclipsed moon dropped behind the mountains here before the sun rose.  Oh well — it was still a great morning.

Hope you got to see the eclipse, and spend this day doing something interesting!

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