Hiking into the New Year: Navajo Knobs, Capitol Reef National Park

Dad invited us to go hiking in Capitol Reef with them this weekend.  The forecast was temperatures in the 40s and 50s, and with sunshine on the way, we were excited to go.  We drove down early Friday morning, arriving at the Hickman Bridge trailhead at 9:30.  The river was lined with ice and snow, and it looked cold, but we knew we would soon be high up into the sunshine.

We filled our packs with our some of our usual hiking food:  chicken adobo (a recipe I must share with you soon), hard boiled eggs, some hard rolls and cheese.  We also took along plenty of water, because even in the winter it is easy to get dehydrated during hard exercise, and plenty of candy (helps with motivation.)

We took our first breather and photo op at a viewpoint of Pectol’s Pyramid.

We soon began the long climbing switchbacks that would lead us first to the Rim Overlook and then to the Navajo Knobs. These climbs are along the edges of cliffs, but are wide enough not to be frightening while hiking with children.  There were just a few areas where we had the little ones hold hands with an adult, but for the most part this was like climbing long, sandstone sidewalks.  Any time the slope faced north, it was covered with a few inches of soft snow.

The views were incredible.

There was a great place to sit and look at the whole word from the top of the knobs, but not such a great place to take a picture of the family sitting on the top of the knobs.  One more step backwards would have been a long way down.  Anyway, this is part of what we could see.

What a fantastic hike and what a wonderful way to spend the New Year’s weekend.  We feel like the luckiest people in the whole world to be: strong and healthy enough to do this hike; close enough to Capitol Reef to do this hike; have parents who take us on trips like this; be alive!

Tomorrow I’ll let you know what we did for New Year’s Eve.  Hope you’re enjoying your weekend, too.

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