Hiking In January: Big Springs

It was over 50 degrees in northern Utah today.  Over 50 degrees and sunny, in January.  It is a crime worthy of imprisonment to stay indoors on a beautiful sunny day in January.  After all, how many can there be?  We didn’t want to be in prison, so we were forced to have hiking school instead of our regular lessons today.

We drove up the South Fork of Provo Canyon, above Vivian Park, to hike to Big Springs.  This is actually a spring that provides much of the drinking water for the city of Provo.  The trail was clear at the bottom, although the water had made some beautiful ice sculptures.

As we  climbed higher, the trail was very icy.  It appeared that snow had melted, and refrozen in the sunken trail, making a river of ice to hike on.  Everyone except Mom had fun sliding on the ice.  Max had several “nuclear butt stomps” that involved falling down and sliding, leading him to declare that this was “practically the best hike ever!”

As the path got steeper by the spring, the ice got harder and harder to climb.  There had been plenty of traffic along the trail, and there were plenty of side paths where people had tried to bypass the ice.  We didn’t have much time to spend at the actual spring, but it was as beautiful in the winter as it is in the summer.


I read a recent article about nature deficiency that talked about a teacher leading a class along a stream to help them understand which direction water flows.  I guess that’s the lesson we were learning today.  We also learned that very tiny steps help keep your balance on ice, and that when the weather is nice, going outside is more important than anything else you could be doing.  Wouldn’t you like to be tested on those lessons?

Oh, yes. We also learned that there is nothing finer than a family being together in God’s sunshine.  Hope you had a wonderful day, too.

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