Box Canyon/Maple Canyon Hike

Friday was another  beautiful day, and since I worked in the morning we had to play do school in the afternoon.  We stopped by to pick up my mom, and went on a short hike in Maple Canyon.  There is an unmarked canyon that all the locals know as Box Canyon that branches off to the north.  In fact, people come from all over to rock climb on the conglomerate canyon walls.  We just scramble, but it was a great place to see in the ice.

We got off to a scary start.  We parked the car on the packed snow and ice at the side of the road, and got out noisily, as we always do, warning each other not to slip.  Just as Eden slammed the last door, the car started to slide.  It slid about 6 feet, stopping just over a large rock.  Thank goodness everyone was out of the way!  I grabbed little kids and tried to get uphill, but if someone had been behind the car, they would have been in serious trouble.  Well, that got our adrenaline going for the day.  Shandy thought we were stuck tight, but he was able to drive the car back onto the road and park it a little further down the road on the dirt.

Lucy and Max were delighted to see conglomerate rock up close and personal, and identified some quartz in the canyon bottom.

There was more water than we expected in the bottom of the canyon, mostly in the form of ice, but some running water.  The ice appeared to have thawed and refrozen, so that it really looked more like a slow motion photo of running water than ice, Shandy thought.

The waterfall appeared to be completely frozen, but by looking closely we could see water moving under the ice.

And one last picture to show one of the reasons we love hiking:  brothers having fun together.

Not to rant and rave, but every time we get to spend time outdoors, I remember many of the reasons we choose homeschool.  Imagine spending these wonderful afternoons shut inside a school building with people, many of whom don’t even like you!  Instead, we spend our time with people we love, doing interesting things that we enjoy.  I truly believe that when we enhance our connection to the earth, we enhance our connection with the humans in our lives as well.  We refresh our mental powers for sustained efforts, and we give ourselves good reason to be alive.

Hope you are enjoying your January.

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