Book Recommendation and Book Club Ideas: Close to Famous by Joan Bauer

I just finished reading this book, and I am so excited to use it for my girls’ book club!  Not only are the themes of this book close to my heart:  persistence, courage and independence; but it includes one of my favorite things ever:  cooking!

Foster McFee and her mother are on the run from a bad ex-boyfriend when we first meet them.  They wind up in the small town of Culpepper.  Foster’s love of cooking leads her to make and sell cupcakes at a local bakery, but her realization that cupcakes and cooking can make a difference in how people feel lead her to make cupcakes for a local charity house, an escaped convict, and a movie star.  Along the way, she follows her dreams and helps other to follow their dreams as well.  She also persists in learning to read despite great obstacles.

I am excited to use this book for our book club because I think it will lead to discussion of how the girls can help others, as well as working hard toward fulfilling their dreams.  I like the way Foster dreams big, and hope to encourage our girls to think of big things they can do, as well.  I want to talk to them about trying again even while overcoming fear of failure.   I also think we will be able to discuss how giving makes the giver and receiver both feel happy.

I also have an innovative idea for a book club activity:  I want to have each of the girls make their own 10 minute cooking show and post it to Youtube so that we can all watch them together.  I am sure some of the moms will want to do the activity as well.  Maybe we’ll use some of Foster’s own recipes as listed on the author website.

Do you have any good ideas for book clubs for moms and daughters to share?  Choosing books is easy for us, finding activities not so easy.  Do you have a good source for activity ideas?  Leave me a comment!


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