Art Project: Blind contour drawing

Having used the book Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain myself and with my older kids, I was excited to see this idea for blind contour drawing with small children on the Camp Creek blog.  It took forever to remember to get paper plates to block their line of sight so that they couldn’t as easily watch what they were drawing.

The idea behind blind contour drawing is to force your eye to stay on the object you are drawing.  Since you cannot see what you are drawing, the brain cannot auto-correct and draw what it thinks you “ought” to be seeing.  It is an excellent exercise in really seeing what you are drawing, instead of drawing what you think you should see.  When we did this type of drawing before, we drew our own hands and tennis shoes as suggested by the book.  This time, the kids drew a table lamp that had a nice urn shape and lots of curliques to follow with the pencil.

The results are very interesting.  I love the way the object is identifiable, but obviously not perfected — very abstract.

Winter is a great time to concentrate on these art projects.  Even though we are able to be outside some of the time, we are not able to spend as much time outdoors as during finer weather.  Max and Lulu have been keeping themselves occupied just the same.

Have you tried this kind of drawing?  What are your suggestions for art projects for indoor kids?  Please leave a comment.

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