Relaxed Homeschooling: Managing the Chaos

It’s been crazy around here.  Spring is music competition time, so during February and March we are crazy with extra music recitals, besides everything else that normally goes on in our household and some new responsibilities.  It’s actually got me fantasizing about the Mommys that send their kids to school and have a cup of coffee before folding a few loads of laundry and mopping the kitchen floor.  I know that sending the kids to school would not really relieve the pressure, it would just change it, but sometimes I fantasize anyway.  What would it be like to make my bed without listening to skip counting, and fold laundry without checking on my violinist’s straight thumb?  Boring, I know.

I thought I would share with you some time management strategies I am using to stay sane while life is a little crazy.  Please don’t hold me accountable if I give you some advice I am not following perfectly myself:  I’m taking baby steps to get there.

  • Set absolute priorities.  There are a few things that are absolute necessities in our life.  For us these are music, math and dinner.  If I make sure these three things are taken care of, the rest can fall as it will.
  • Classify things on my to-do list as important and urgent.  Sometimes things that are urgent are not important (I don’t answer every phone call or respond to every text or even check my e-mail every day), and some things that are important are not urgent (I can procrastinate a little.)  I try to do all the urgent, important things first in the day so that the big things are taken care of, and then do the little things.  That means we start our days with music practicing, and dinner is often made before lunch.
  • I make meals ahead.  This Sunday afternoon I spent about 2 hours in the kitchen.  I usually don’t mind cooking, so this was a chore I could handle on a Sunday.  Making a big pot of soup and some special salads for lunches through the week means some of my evenings will not be as pressured.
  • Make lists.  I am compulsive on this one, although I often lose the list.  If I write it down, I find that it is easier to remember something.
  • Make sure there is some rest time.  Decide what it is that makes you tired out, and give yourself a way to rejuvenate.  For me, too much time around people other than my family is very tiring.  I take time with my book in the evening, and even chase the kids downstairs so that the house is quiet.
  • Congratulate yourself every day on the chores you did get done.  Remember you are a valuable person, and the job you are doing as a mommy to your children is irreplaceable.  Give yourself credit.

Hope you are having a wonderful day, and finding a way to have calm and happy days.  Do you have a great tip for feeling more relaxed?  Please leave me a comment.

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  1. I really like your ideas and think there is wisdom in there for me…especially with regard to setting absolute priorities. One of my goals at the start of this school year was to spend some extra time in the kitchen on the weekends and this went by the wayside all too quickly.


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