How to Homeschool through the February End-of-Winter Blahs

I know this post is a little mis-titled. After all, it’s the first of March.  Well, I don’t know about you, but I am ready for an end to winter.  Even though this winter has been very mild, we got about 5 inches of snow in the past two days, and it has been a little depressing.  This time of year always seems to be a little harder — we get a little burnt out and anxious to be finished with school and do something else fun.  It’s a great time to do unschool.  We like to take a break from some of our regular work and take a whole day to do something we enjoy.

Eden and I worked on making a doll together.  This one was a more complicated old pattern that my mom had made for me when I was little.  I embroidered the face on this doll, and Eden worked on getting the stuffing and hair just right.  We enjoyed working together on this project, and will take another day to make baby clothes for it soon.

Max and Lulu worked together on torn paper collages.  Max made a moose.

Doing art together is really great for Lulu, because she gets to be in charge and have the ideas, and she and Max work together really well.

Another project they have been working on together is cartooning.  I followed a pinterest board link to this page with traceable cartoon parts.  My only stipulation was that they had to create stories to go with each of the characters they drew.  Lulu made a whole family of “Fitzergeralds” with a story to go with each one.

We have also been spending lots of extra time reading.  I found more books by Gerald Durrell, and Max has devoured Birds, Beasts and Relatives.  Eden has read To Kill a Mockingbird, Brave New World, 1984 and The Three Musketeers in the past month — I know, not very educational.  It’s funny to me that her optional reading includes many of the assigned classics for kids her age.  Brett spends much of his time reading on various tech blogs, and began one of his own.

One more thing I have done to try and kick off the blahs — I made a menu for the entire month of March, and included many recipes I had printed out or saved but have not tried yet.  Brett, Eden and I are each trying a new recipe each this month.  Hopefully, we can spring into spring soon.

What do you do to combat burnout and boredom this time of year?  Leave me a comment.

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  1. Fish Out of Water

     /  March 5, 2012

    It’s funny, this time of year is so nice in S. FL, summertime is our blah time. It’s either stay indoors or do something water related outside. We still have blah homeschool days no matter the weather. 🙂 I usually try to take my guy somewhere just to see if we can jump start some freshness into our day. If all else fails I just give up and hope for the best the next day. I find it’s better than trying to force things.

  2. I agree that this time of year is the hardest and longest to get through. I always think: If I can just get through February…. We are doing a lot more hands-on, crafty stuff too. Yesterday we made homemade dog breath fresheners (turned out great) and bunny treats (not so great!) I’ve been searching for some handi-work type things for them to do, not always easy with my son since he flies through everything so fast. Not much longer until spring though!

  3. Huge dumps of snow here are limiting out-of-the-home actiivties and even grocery shopping. But it won’t last and my youngest had lots of fun playing, yesterday, in all that white sparkly stuff.

    I think that it is worth considering vitamin D. So many people struggle with mood over winter and would do much better with plenty of vitamin D in their systems; this has certainly been my experience.

    I’m feeling fine. We do plan a trip to the nearest city each February (Teacher’s Convention, for my husband) which usually feels great – a little break from normal routine & cold. This year, our winter was so mild that I didn’t have such a great need to get away. I guess the fact that I have to drive to the city at least once/mos this year for my son’s braces made a difference too in that I had little breaks from normal routine more consistently this year.

    Still, I am dreaming of spring.

  4. I’d be interested in that MENU for the ENTIRE month of March that you said you created! 🙂 Would you be willing to share it somehow? Do you meal plan all meals and snacks or just dinner?

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Sorry it’s taken me so long to respond, seems like your comment got spammed for some reason. I just set up an excel file that say breakfast, lunch and dinner then put a meal in each cell. I don’t plan snacks, but I do plan breakfast, lunch and dinner. I cross off the meals I’ve used once they are used, so that even if they swap days, I still use the meal that I planned. Breakfast is the most flexible, dinner the least. So far we are halfway through March, and the only major change is that I used one meal that I planned for dinner as lunches instead because I had unexpected leftovers. Hope that helps!


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