Marathon-in-a-Month Update and Spring at the Pond

We are nearly halfway through March, and the kids and I completed mile 9 today of their Marathon-in-a-month.  They will need to do some longer “runs” to be able to finish up by the end of March.  Fortunately, the weather has been beautiful the last few days, and they are enjoying their time outside.  We went to do our marathon miles today at a local pond which we haven’t visited since last fall.

It is definitely spring — the first turtle I have ever seen in Utah was sunning himself on a rock.

One of my goals as a parent and homeschooler is to teach my children to be excellent observers, especially of the natural world.  Imagine how happy I was when Lulu and Max raced ahead and then shouted back to me excitedly, “Mom, a turtle!”  We had to throw a little rock toward it in the water to make sure it was really alive.  It scrambled down into the pond, but was up sunbathing again by the time we made our second loop.

Lulu also spotted some cattails that were accessible without getting too muddy, and they had fun blowing them apart.

We also had to do a little tree climbing.

We also saw a beaver corpse.  That was really sad.  We had never seen live beavers at this pond, and we certainly didn’t want to see a dead one.  It was interesting to get a close up view of a beaver tail, however.  I took a picture — but I won’t share it with you.  It was a tiny bit gruesome.

Needless to say, our running time was slow: about 45 minutes for two and a half miles.  The goal however, is enjoyment, and we certainly reached our goal.

Hope you can get outside and enjoy spring!

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