March Marathon Training — Relay Style

My training run this weekend was 19 miles.  19 Miles!  I have discovered something that really helps my long training runs fly by.  I beg/coerce/ask my family members to accompany me.  This week, Shandy, Eden, and Brett did training for  a marathon relay, and I was the baton.

Shandy started out, running 5.5 miles down the canyon with me.  We scared a herd of deer, listened to a flock of wild turkeys, and passed 6 runners running up the canyon.  Then, I ran by myself for a few miles while he and Brett went to collect the car.

Next, Eden ran 4 miles with me along our regular route.  That was a real pick-me-up, because she was fresh and full of energy and I was only halfway through.  She pushed me hard to keep going strong (and keep up with her.)

Finally, Shandy brought Brett out to my turn around point and picked Eden up to take her home.  Brett ran the last 4 miles along with me.  He was very happy, because he said finally he and I had the same energy level on a run!  The only bad thing that happened this whole run was that Shandy forgot my last fuel, so I ran the last 7 miles without any re-fuel or water.  It turned out all right, and really, I think I could have finished a marathon this weekend!  Too bad the one I am scheduled for is so far away.  Here I am at the end:  doesn’t it look like I could run or at least hobble 7 more?

Do you have running partners?  How do you beg/borrow/steal long runs?  Have a great Monday.  Stay tuned tomorrow for a great hiking weekend with kids story.

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