Spring Cookout

All our real food etiquette went out the window today.  Lunch was from Pizza Hut and we had our first cookout of the spring with hot dogs and marshmallows.  HOW SHAMEFUL!  After an afternoon spent gardening, we drove up the canyon a little way to a park and had a fire and played in the underbrush.  All the spur of the moment reasons I love having my kids at home with me.  One more vote for home school.

Tree wrestling — a new game called “push-off” was invented — and no one was seriously damaged.  Lulu’s feelings were trampled upon, but she lived to tell about it.  Brett blamed marshmallows for Max’s hyperactivity.  I think I know where to place the blame.

A good time was had by all. (Even though we’re really, really sorry about the junk food.  Please don’t tell anyone.)  Hope you’re enjoying spring time, too!

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