Fall in Love with the World Challenge — Day 6

Are you finding this week challenging?  I am.  It’s challenging to take time every day to think about this beautiful earth and how much we should appreciate our lives upon it.  Our lives get busy and we forget how important it is to stop and be grateful.  I hope you are enjoying the lessons you are learning by taking this challenge with me.

Challenge #6 — Do something outdoors that you usually do indoors.

Take something outdoors that you normally use in the house — for us, that meant violin, computer and house toys.   For you it might mean something different.  Eden lamented that the piano couldn’t go outside!

If you’ve missed part of our falling in love with the world challenge, it’s not too late to start.  Look back here for more information, and check out these posts as well.  Please leave a comment and a link to let us share your experiences outdoors.  Join me here tomorrow for the last post in the challenge.  Have a wonderful day!

P.S.  Today is the “super moon.”  Wouldn’t it be a great time to do a full moon nature walk?  Hope I get to!

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