Annular Solar Eclipse 2012

What kind of home school mama would I be if I didn’t help my kids watch the solar eclipse when we are within the 85% zone!  I was so excited to hear about and see the solar eclipse — I still remember the partial solar eclipse when I was a kid.  It was a big event, even though we couldn’t see much.  I wanted to make this just such a memorable event for my kids.  So, we had an ice cream social/eclipse viewing party with Grandpa and Grandma, of course.

We prepared by watching videos about how eclipses worked and writing down in our science notebooks (so we wouldn’t forget.)  We ordered special eclipse sunglasses from Amazon, and used a carpet tube to make a pinhole camera to project a larger image of the sun onto white paper.

We ate homemade ice cream (and licked the bowls.)


And we tried really, really hard to get a good picture.  Shandy finally held the welding lens in front of the camera and took a picture of the lens.

Zoomed in, this is what that picture looks like.

Were you able to watch the solar eclipse this year?  Leave me a comment to let me know how you celebrated this exciting event.


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  1. I remember as a child….my grandmother told us we would “go blind” if we looked at the sun during the solar eclipse haahhaha….she actually told us to watch it by looking at the reflection of it in a mud puddle! how funny….this brought back great memories 😉

  2. With friends (and hundreds of others) at the Lawrence Hall of Science in the Berkeley Hills. See my post!


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