A Wonderful Gift for an Imaginative Childhood

Look what a wonderful aunt handed down to my kids!  This box of hand me down Legos from a cousin now turned 20 is probably the best gift they have received for a very long time.  Legos are great for building imaginative worlds and my kids are taking great advantage of these toys.

Do you pass down toys to other kids who will enjoy them?  Do you enjoy hand me down toys?  Please leave me a comment?  Psst…. by the way… if you haven’t subscribed yet, please

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  1. Legos!! The best hand me down toy, they never break and they never get old. 🙂 I love hand me downs and I love to hand down stuff. It’s good for the Earth too!

  2. A Nature Mom

     /  May 23, 2012

    My nephew, now 21, passed along a huge box of Legos like that to my son. It’s much loved. And, yes, inspires amazing creativity. And when my nephew has a family of his own, he’ll receive a box like that from us.


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