A Quick Escape

We have been tied close to home for several weeks by commitments (marathon) and worship.  We were desperate for a quick escape that allowed us to leave the valley for a cool sleep in the mountains, but didn’t have time for a real hiking trip.  A quick camping trip seemed to be the perfect solution.

Car camping can be a very relaxing way for kids and parents to escape the demands of everyday life.  It is certainly a “softer” trip than backpacking:

  • You can take your chair, your book and your sleeping pad without carrying them on your back.
  • Food can be much heavier — soda, watermelon and canned goods are certainly not out of the question as they are when backpacking.
  • Hiking is optional.

We had decided to go this weekend, when statewide fire restrictions were put in place that allow no camp fires outside of permanent campgrounds.  As the kids say, the fire is half the fun.  Besides cooking marshmallows and hot dogs, campfires help you keep warm in the evening and get warm in the morning.  We tried to decide whether we should go at all, or just do a quick overnight backpack, since we always use our stove for that anyway.  Mom and Dad said they would go with us if we went car camping, so we packed up and headed out.  We were gone for barely twenty-four hours but it was such a break.

We camped near a spring, so the water was fresh and icy cold.

The kids built a dam across the (trickle) creek to keep the watermelon cold.

We went on a pre-breakfast hike to warm up since we couldn’t have a fire.

We slept in the cool and played in the water.  We ate watermelon.

Here’s wishing you just such a relaxing escape from the daily cares of your world!  Have a great day.

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