Summer Joys — U-pick Fruit

Do you take advantage of the local produce to get out in nature?  Can your kids identify the local orchards or fruit — cherry trees, apple trees and peach trees each have their own special look, you know.  Have the kids picked fruit and eaten it fresh off the tree?  Do they long for the joys of climbing a ladder?  That is one of the joys U-Pick farms can give to those of us without farms of our own.  We took a trip out to a U-Pick cherry orchard one evening last week.  In about half an hour, we picked 30 pounds of sweet cherries.  We can’t wait to freeze them and eat them (Shandy says they are like tiny slushies in your mouth!)

To find U-Pick operations or just neighbors with a loaded fruit tree, try your local classified ads.  Many people list in the on-line classifieds, and if you watch closely, you can get a great deal with very little effort.  This website also lists many places to pick your own fruits and vegetables.  It’s a great way to get in a little learning and a great snack.  Throw in a little family time and some good recipes, and you have the makings of a truly memorable evening.

Here are a few recipes we’re hoping to try with our haul. (We might have to go back at the end of the week!)

Cherry Custard Tart

Cherry Cream Cheese Brownies

Cherry Clafloutis (I make Pear Claflouti every autumn.  I’m looking forward to trying this one.)

And how about a Chocolate/Cherry Smoothie (I think I’m inventing my own recipe for this — if it turns out well, I will share it with you.)

Have a great day — find some fruit to pick!  If you have a favorite sweet cherry recipe, please leave me a link in the comments below.

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