One-on-One — Stealing “Dates” with Kids

I bet you can’t guess what we like to do in the summer time!  The big kids had piano lessons at the same time this week, so Max and I snuck out for an ice cream date all by ourselves.  Eden and I took a similar opportunity last week.  I love to spend some time just one-on-one with my kids.  They are such unique people, and growing up so fast!  Although I love watching them interact with each other, I love being with each of them individually even more.  The conversations we have are valuable, and the silences are priceless.

In our family, we call it a date, and Shandy and I each plan one specific time each month to take one of the kids out, but these stolen moments are nearly sweeter.  Do you plan or steal “alone time” with your kids?  What do you like to do during those times?  Please leave me a comment.

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  1. Justme

     /  June 26, 2012

    Jennifer,this is Janet. I used to let the kids skip school twice a year and do whatever they wanted on their day. A memorable one with Jesse was when he ask Grandpa and Grandma to show him the old 1800 Fowler foundation…he later wrote a theme about it. That same day Grandpa showed us some buffalo wallows…in the timber. Later that day we went fishing under the Rocky Ford bridge…great time to just be together. Jamie ask, for one of her days if we could paint Mrs Diddie’s flower garden. So I ask Mrs Diddie(a famously beautiful garden) if we could and she said sure. So we dressed up in long dresses, complete with a sunhat, and painted for hours. We still have those paintings(: and pictures of the occasion. Those memories will always be with me…lots more too…enjoy those kiddos, they grow up wayyyyyy toooooo fast. lovme


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