Weekday Hiking: Squaw Peak Trail

We are continuing our summer hiking with local trips during the week.  We are lucky enough to live close to many different hiking trails, and are able to find some places that are not closed due to forest fires still.  There are huge fires burning to the south and west of us, but in the mountains just north of us there are still some places we haven’t explored, and others we would like to visit again.  This trail begins at the Rock Canyon Trailhead on the north side of Provo.  We hiked the beginning of this trail about a month ago as part of our “Best Hike Ever.”  We wanted to try again at a cooler time of day and see if we could reach Squaw Peak before it got too hot.

The beginning of the trail is a fairly gentle climb over a wide, well-used trail.  About 2 miles into the hike, a trail leaves to the north (left) with a rock that says Squaw Peak Trail marking the trail.

From here, the trail climbs fairly steeply for two miles to the top of Squaw Peak, where you can see all of Utah County spread out below like a map.  From other trip reports on the Internet, I was not sure how much exposure there would be on this hike, especially on the ridge before the summit.  I promised myself that if I felt that it was dangerous, I would turn around before we saw the end of the trail, especially since Shandy was not with us.  I think the “promise to bail” is an important factor in my bravery.  I state conditions under which I will turn around before I go, and then I am brave enough to start.  Rarely do the conditions come about that I have to turn around, but when they do, I already have my own permission to quit.  However, on this trail there is no exposure before the final summit, and the peak is wide enough that there did not seem to be any danger to sit there and eat our snack and enjoy the view.

Lulu loved looking from this place.  She said it looked like a really, really good map.

As we hiked back down the trail, the butterflies were out in full force.  At the water’s edge, Eden was able to lure several onto her hands, and two even kept her company down the trail a while.

We started from the car at 7:40 a.m., and with time spent snacking and checking things out along the way we were still back to the car before 12:00.  This was a great hike for kids who are strong hikers, and the view from the top was well worth seeing.  If you don’t think your kids could make it all the way, even a short distance along this trail is worth the trip.

Now . . . to find the next spot.  There are so many wild fires in Utah right now, our hiking plans have to be made around what is not burning and has not burnt.  Oh, for some rain! (But not on the days I want to be outdoors, right?)  Hope you are enjoying your week.  Do you sneak out for weekday hikes, or is that something you save only for the weekends?  Please leave me a comment below.

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  1. That looks like a fabulous hike! My kids are starting to appreciate a view now (when they were little, they could care less). It is good to know when to turn around. We’ve turned around on a few hikes when the conditions weren’t comfortable for the kids or me (crossing a rushing stream on a skinny log, for instance). We do try to go on a weekday when possible. Many trails closer to us are so busy on weekends, and we are also busy on weekends! And here in the rainy Pacific Northwest, it seems we are cursed to have rainy weekends when the weekdays are nice! LOL! If I don’t have someone along with us, I try to find trails that aren’t too remote. Good luck finding hikes to do – wish we could send you some of our grey skies, cold temps, and rain.


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