Celebrate your Teenagers: Eden’s First Half Marathon

Eden ran her first half marathon this weekend.  I ran beside her to pace her and encourage her, but mostly I just marveled at the determination and strength of this marvelous young woman who is growing up in my home.

She ran so strong she was able to race me through the finishing chute — and win!  She finished in 2:13, and won her age group.

My experience this weekend makes me want to revisit again everyone who told me (and still tells me) to dread having teenagers.  If I could even count how many people have told me the horrendousness of raising teenagers, and how sorry I am going to be to have 4 in the house at one time!  Although I only have two so far, I really don’t know how families survive without teenagers.  It’s having an extra best friend, an extra pair of hands, and an extra smile around the house.  It’s wonderful.  Whether you are raising little ones or teenagers, work hard together and enjoy your time together.  It is precious.

Do you have teenagers?  How do you respond when someone starts telling you about how difficult it is to raise teenagers?  (My first response is, “Not in my house!”)  Hope you are having a great week as well.

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  1. Allison

     /  July 11, 2012

    We agree! We have been looking forward to having teenagers ever since we had babies. I couldn’t run a household and work without their help.


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