Summer Learning: Bluegrass Workshop

Three of the kids were able to participate in a really fantastic activity this summer.  This is actually the third year Brett has been involved, but Lulu and Max were able to join Bluegrass Workshops sponsored by a local city government.  For two weeks, they spent one hour every morning playing guitar or fiddle along with other kids and adults interested in making music together.  Led by a wonderful teacher, this was a great way for them to expand their repertoire and enjoy their music.

At the end, they had a show in the park to demonstrate what they had learned.

This was the  first time Max had ever played any guitar at all.  He enjoyed the picking, but not the chords so much.  He really enjoyed the singing — he learned “Grandma’s Featherbed” and “I Saw the Light.”


Lulu enjoyed singing, but her fiddle playing has significantly improved over the past year.  She was able to do a solo and do some backup with other players.


Brett was in the advanced class, and the songs they played were amazing.  They played “Old Joe Clark” and “The 8th of January,” and their fingers were flying.


In one of the Malcolm Gladwell books I read recently, he pointed out how much learning time many kids lose during the summer, because they are left to their own devices or to the TV instead of having learning experiences.  We certainly enjoy our summer learning experiences — such a change of pace and different style from our normal lessons.

In the past, the girls have participated in dance workshops and piano camps, but so far I think this is our favorite summer “camp.”  Do you try to schedule this type of activity into your hectic summer?  Do you think this is beneficial for kids?  Please leave me a comment.

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  1. Marianne

     /  July 24, 2012

    Our summer has been packed with learning opportunities. So many that they are spilling over into the first week of school. It’s been a very, very busy summer for us.


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