For Desert Lovers Everywhere

Its appeal is not the appeal of things universally attractive, like smiling fields, bubbling springs, and murmuring brooks.  To some it seems merely stricken, and even those of us who love it recognize that its beauty is no easy one.  It suggests patience and struggle and endurance.  It is courageous and happy, not easy or luxurious.  In the brightest colors of its sandstone canyons, even in the brightest colors of its brief spring flowers, there is something austere.  From The Desert Year by Joseph Wood Krutch

Since I am not in the desert, I have been reading about the desert and daydreaming about desert hiking.  There is just something wonderful about the sense of space and breathing room achieved only where there are not even any trees to block the view.

I hope you’re enjoying your week!  Are you pursuing your summer reading goals, or have you been sidetracked, as I have?  Please leave me a comment.

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