White Pine Hollow Hike

I’ve never lived anywhere but Utah, so I don’t know if it’s the same everywhere, but Utah’s statehood day — Pioneer Day– is a very big deal here.  Everyone gets a paid holiday from work, and most of the little towns have parades, fireworks and fairs just like the Fourth of July.  Well, parades and fireworks are not really my thing — especially this year with the fire hazard– but we stole away for the day and did a lovely hike down the mountain near our home.  We had done this hike as a “girls only” hike with my sisters-in-law and cousins a few years ago, but I really did not remember it as beautiful as it was this time. We had also put it off because it is a “two driver” hike, with a car at the top and bottom of this scenic trail.

The hike begins at the same trailhead as the Mt. Nebo Scenic Basin trail, and just about 1/2 a mile from the Mt. Nebo Summit trail.  heading nearly straight north, it goes over a hill and then heads down a steep wash, following an intermittent stream as it meets more and more springs until it exits the canyon on the Santaquin Canyon road.

The drainage was very wet this year, which was surprising considering the dry year we have had.  The bushes and undergrowth was head high.  We even got into stinging nettle– fun!

Since this trail was relatively short and easy (about 6 miles,) and we had all day, there was time to make leaf people.


And eat wild raspberries (of course there’s always time for that!)


And climb a crooked tree.

At the bottom of the trail, the stream passes between rock buttresses.  In wetter years, there is no way to hike this part of the trail without wetting your feet.  This year, most of us got wet but Shandy preferred to stay dry.

After enjoying our hike, we had a picnic and collected the truck we had left at the trailhead.  An excellent way to spend a midweek holiday!

Do you like to celebrate holidays in traditional ways, or do you view them as opportunities to do the things your family likes best?  Please leave a comment  below.

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  1. Looks like a great hike. I don’t even know when our statehood day is! As for holidays, it depends – my hubby hasn’t gotten paid holidays in about a year, so we’ll generally just go to one of our parents’, or maybe go camping. We also like to stay home sometimes. We kind of wing it!

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