Looking Down the Trail

Fall is a season when I spend a lot of time looking down the trail ahead of us.  We hold school planning meetings, I make pages and pages of schedules for the coming school year, and often shed tears thinking about how much work I won’t have time to do.

By late winter and early spring, the schedules have all been discarded, the plans have totally changed, and we’re back to our normal half-relaxed routine of deciding what’s really important for the week on Sunday night, and changing it three times before Monday noon.

Even knowing that’s how things work, fall is still a very stressful time for me.  I often wonder who arranged the traditional school year to coincide with harvest time?  Someone who didn’t bottle fruit!  Of course, as homeschoolers we have the freedom to ignore the traditional school year.  However, we have done that in the past and discovered that it doesn’t make us happy to be doing school in the middle of the summer.  So, we spend fall planning, starting big projects and working harder than is probably absolutely necessary.

Thank goodness for hiking trails like the one pictured above.  May all of our trails look as bright as this one.

Do you make big plans at the beginning of the school year, even though you know you won’t accomplish all of them?  Or do you try to keep things realistic?  How are things going for you right now?  Please leave me a comment!


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  1. Oh yes! I make plans and have dreams for what school will look like. They don’t last long, though. But you have to have something to shoot for, even if you don’t reach half your goals. We are part of a hybrid/alternative school, so we need to make formal plans on paper, even if they get changed and we don’t follow them exactly. We also have to submit progress every month. So it keeps me on my toes. :p I guess canning season is a time to relax with the homeschooling, keep the kids busy on worthwhile play/art/creative projects, give them computer games to do their math, and watch videos on the Discovery channel for science! Plus lots of library books. And maybe a few high value field trips to the zoo or somewhere really fun. Good luck!


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