First Day of School 2012

Today is crazy around here as we begin our eagerly awaited first day of school.  Although I don’t really use grades to classify my kids (they would be too far ahead of their ages in many areas, and far behind in others (like the knowledge of the rules for baseball, football and soccer–more on that another time,)) Max is the right age for 2nd grade, Lulu for 4th, and Eden is 13 but starting her 10th grade year in high school.  Brett is finishing his senior year with an online charter school.  We’ve had school meetings with each of the kids, defining their goals and mine, and making a list or schedule for the subjects they are studying depending on their ages.  Now we finally get to start.

This is how teenagers do school at our house (notice the ear buds.  Not worth the argument to stop the music.)

Eden gets the upstairs desk.  It was built for Dad, but he does his work in the armchair now.  Eden is so excited to use real books (as opposed to online books.)  Brett, on the other hand, just wishes everything was optimized for Ipad.

Max and Lucy started the school year by watching the documentary Planet Earth:  Caves with David Attenborough.  We have so many great ideas to use in our study of caves now, we might take all year just on this one subject!

I wish I could share with you some of the excitement of today, and then bottle some and save it for February aka Homeschool Blah Month.

Have you started school yet?  How are things going for you?  Share your great ideas in the comments below.

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