Unschooling Rules #37: Be the perfect enabler.

From Craig Aldrich’s Unschooling Rules:

Feed passions and embrace excellence.

Enable your child to follow his dreams.  This will cost time, effort and money.  Do it well.

I already told you about the bluegrass workshops we attended this summer.  While 3 hours of classes every day for 2 weeks was a big time commitment for the whole family, it was totally worthwhile in the enjoyment and growth the kids experienced in playing their instruments.

I have found, however, that it is much easier for me to be an enabler for things I view as interesting and important:  music, of course, museums, theater, hiking.  It is much more difficult to help the kids follow their interests when they do not coincide with mine.  This is something I intend to work on, as well as making sure each of the kids are free to follow their own interests, not just follow the interest pre-imposed by the rest of the family.  In order to work on this goal, I have begun trying to think of things Max and Lulu may not have been exposed to, and finding ways to allow them to decide if these things are interesting to them.

I have only shared 4 of the 55 rules found in this book, and even more encouraging than the rules is the application that accompanies them.  Another of my favorites list 15 better models for schooling than public schools.  Get the book.  Read it.  E-mail me and remind me to read it!  It will help us do our best for homeschooling our children.

Have you read this book?  How  do you become the perfect enabler?  Please leave me a comment below.

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