Coyote Gulch April 2014

We did our second trip to Coyote Gulch this spring.  We had planned two different trips last year, one in the spring, one in the fall.  The first trip was canceled because Brett was overwhelmed with the work to finish and graduate high school, so we shortened our trip and went camping close to home instead.  In the fall, the weekend we had chosen was totally rained out (as was much of the fall) and Hole in the Rock road was closed due to a wash out.  We figured even if we were able to get in, we wouldn’t be able to get out again.  So, the first time the weather got warm enough this spring, we hurried down as soon as we could.

It was as beautiful as ever.

lucy fixing shoes


Since Dad wasn’t with us, Lucy had to take his place fixing her shoes (we always have a picture with my Dad arranging his socks or clipping toenails while we’re hiking.)  The hike in from the Hurricane Wash trailhead is very sandy but not as hot as last time — we were earlier in the year, and earlier in the day.

max's new backpack


Max got a new backpack and was able to carry some of his own gear — good for us since Brett was unable to go with us this trip.  He’s usually our packhorse.

max and desert toad


We found a little desert toad just as Hurricane Wash met Coyote Gulch.  This was a good trip for seeing wildlife:  elk, deer, antelope, and a juvenile bald eagle on the way down, deer, big lizards and this toad in the canyon.

lulu in coyote gulch max climbing at jacob hamblin


After a pause for climbing at Jacob Hamblin arch and refilling our water bottles at the spring around the corner, we hiked nearly to the natural bridge, to the best campsite ever.  On a high bench inside a huge alcove, it was just above a beautiful little waterfall.  Huge rocks blocked our campsite from view of other hikers in the river.  It was fabulous.

eden in coyote gulch max at waterfall by camp max and lucy on rocks at camp campsite coyote gulch


On Saturday, we hiked down to where Coyote Gulch meets the Escalante river, and then back to rest at our beautiful campsite before packing up and heading back out.

pretty water coyote gulch coyote natural bridge coyote gulch meets escalante


The water from Coyote Gulch meets the Escalante — Escalante is green and deep.

It was a great trip and felt good to be out on the desert again.

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