Looking into the New Year: Focusing on what’s really important

Are you looking at the person deep inside as you think about your goals for 2012?  Let me share with you just a quote from a wonderful story I read by B. J. Chute, called The Jukebox and the Kallikaks.

“Corinne was beautiful and the jukebox was beautiful and they were, both of them, dumb.  But deep down in the heart of the jukebox, there was music.  And deep down in the heart of Corinne, there was just Corinne.”

Put simply, this was a story about some very simple people who recognized a very profound truth.  After spending the summer fighting over a girl,  brothers Mark and Jeb  make this statement because Corinne turned out to be exactly what she appeared to be.  It is not the way someone or something looks that is truly important.  While we rarely can make huge alterations in the way we look, we can make steps toward becoming a better person inside.  Also, changing the way we look without changing the interior person will only fool people for a little while.

Although I do not believe in any special significance to January 1, it is as good a time as any to reset and look forward to the next twelve months.  My kids would argue that I do this several times a year, especially in the spring and the fall.  Here are a few of the things I am making goals toward for the next year.

  1.  Read one non-fiction and one fiction book each month.
  2. Hike at least once a month.  (In 2011, we missed 4 months for long hikes: January and February were forgiveable, June and August were not.)
  3. Run outside at least once a week. (In 2011, I only ran outside 3 times in February and March.  That was too much treadmill.)
  4. Spend more time saying thank you.

What are some of your goals for 2012?  Remember that no matter how much makeup you wear, or how you are dressed, deep inside you will still be you.  Make you a good one.  Here’s looking forward to a wonderful 2012.