Today Outdoors

We were only able to spend about 20 minutes at the park today.  It was a dreary looking day, but quite warm (45 degrees.)  It was one of the days Mom wears her big coat while the kids play in their t-shirts.  The 20 minutes was definitely worth it.

We had to enjoy ourselves– everyone else in the world was chasing Black Friday sales.  I went into one local boutique that had several $5 sales advertised, and there were about 15 women standing in line.  I guess I will live without an extra scarf and hat for the winter.  People are crazy!  The grocery store was empty, by the way.  I guess everyone ate enough yesterday (and cooked enough yesterday) to last through the weekend.  Not us!  I came home and made homemade granola, and Eden put together muffins for our play-date tomorrow.

We also had cousins over to play and watch movies.  Thank goodness for cousins.  They are better than best friends, not quite siblings.

Hope you’re enjoying your November.

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